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"A propos d’Artaud (et autres interviews télévisées)" on Auvio


« Toujours d’actualité ! (débat au Grand Varia en 2015 à l’issue de la dernière représentation du Monde du Rien en collaboration avec La Ligue de Droit Humains et la Fédération des Services Sociaux) »

Farid Ousamgane's Interview by Zoé Maus in the radioshow « Les promesses de l’aube » (23.06.21)

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At Théâtre 140 on May 27th & 28th 2021

This project, a work in progress right now, explores the world of Antonin Artaud and finds inspiration in the TV shows of the 80s. We all remember the atmosphere of Charles Bukowski’s Apostrophe show where he would show up drunk, sipping straight of the bottle or smoking on the set.
For this next creation, much more talkative then the previous Summer (Time!) and Fiat Lux!, body movement remains central and recalls the Rewind-Pause-Forward effects of the VHS.

« Artaud met Lacan. What did they tell each other? We have the pictures! Did Plato meet Buddha? We’ve also traced images of the interview taken around 500 BC. ».

Farid Ousamgane

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News from Bénin

Alfred FADONOUGBO is an actor and sociologist living and working in Benin. He joined La Troupe du Possible for a one-month internship within the framework of the Wallonie Bruxelles International (WBI) exchange programme, aiming to make his own healthcare art project come true in the psychiatric hospital of Cotonou and in certain prisons. Farewell, dear Alfred, and hope to see you soon at a conference or performance of the Troupe in Benin!

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La Troupe du Possible au palais Royal

La Troupe du Possible was invited at a Royal Palace dinner hosted by the King and Queen. Next to other artists from all over the country, Irina Marinescu, actress and dancer in our company, agreed to represent us there (she is dressed in red, bottom right side of the picture 😜)

Interview Farid Ousamgane par David Courier sur LCR- BX1 du 18-05-2018

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Re-création de "Summer (Time!)"

La re-création du spectacle Summer (Time!) a été présentée les 31 Mars et 01 Avril 2017 au Grand Varia.

Voir L'interview de Farid Ousamgane par David Courrier sur BX1

Voir L'interview sur BX1
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Teaser Fiat Lux !

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"Le Grand Charivari" with Farid Ousamgane on Musiq3

Interview from 04 April 2015

Read the article "L'envoi de Paul Hermant à Farid Ousamgane" (musiq3) - in french
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